Recording tests

Step 1: Once you are logged in to Trudl Chrome extension, open your website URL on a Google Chrome tab

Step 2: Now, click on the Trudl chrome extension on the top right of your address bar and click on the 'Launch Recorder' button

Step 3: Once the recorder extension pops-up, enter a name for your test and click on the 'Start Recording' button

Make your test steps more robust by adding unique CSS Selectors

Step 4: Perform the test actions on your website manually.

Adding Assertions during the test or at the end of it can help verify whether a particular element exists on the page. Assertions can be used as a powerful tool to automatically ascertain whether the test run passed or failed.

Step 5: Save the test recording by clicking on the 'Save' icon

After a test is recorded, make sure you review the test by replaying it on the Chrome extension and ensuring that the test recording works as intended